Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Short Blog On Pots Who Accuse Kettles

I see impeached Chief Justice Corona is  accusing President Aquino of becoming dictatorial. He says the President wants a court made up of Aquino toadies who will bow to his every wish.

That is interesting, that the Chief Justice thinks so many judges would be bound by political directives instead of the law. He reminds me of the husband who overlays his own cheating values on his wife, and accuses her of cheating.

I rather suspect that the Chief knows bowing to political winds, because he has bowed to them.

I wonder what other judges will think when they realize he is saying they are so weak they will certainly bow to political pressure. That is, he is saying that President Aquino cannot construct a court of law-bound judges.


  1. Corona's speech last Wednesday, delivered on the steps of the Supreme Court, attacking the President personally calling him ignorant and dictatorial is reason enough to remove him. He has turned the entire judicial system into a political arena. I think he ought to resign and run for senator on the Kampi slate (GMA's political party) that way he can deliver all the political stump speeches he wants without compromising the impartiaity of the court.

  2. I believe the Supreme Court's loyalty should always be towards justice, even if it's against the interests or will of the people.

    But that's just me, perhaps I'm too naive and idealistic

  3. Manuel, benign0-the-Tard was obliquely referring to Cheap Justice Corona.

    If my taxidriver understood who benign0-the-Tard was referring to, therefore, Cheap Justice Corona knows better.

    Therefore, Cheap Justice Corona should stoop down to the level of benign0-the-Tard to level the playing field.

  4. I am a Filipino. Therefore, my law intelligence is limited. So I hit benign0-the-Tard and Cheap Justice Corona so I can see both side of the coin.

    Does benign0-the-Tard knows the right decision before the Supreme Court hands it down ? That is why he is upset ? No, not upset because I do not or cannot know what he was feeling at that time.

    What was the trigger of benign0-the-Tard of forcing an impeachment on his loyal Liberal Party? Hacienda Luisita?

    These 188 pro-impeachment shyould be given an examination based on the 57-page allegation against Cheap Justice Corona so the people would know they really read it. That includes the Pasay RTC Judge that decided within 3 hours after the package landed on his desk and issue a charge against Gloria.

    And those Red Riding Robes of the Impeachment Panel, I would like to know when it was made. I hear it smells like it came out a day before the impeachment vote.

    All of the above are just jokes that needed verification.

  5. Mariano, Fish is stinkin' in places other than Denmark, et? I'm sure there will be lots of punch lines to the jokes needing verification.


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