Thursday, December 22, 2011

President Aquino, Jesus Christ and Richard Nixon

    I know it is their right to speak freely, but I can't figure out those who criticize President Aquino for every breath he takes. The Philippines has a fine President, the best in years. Not corrupt. Earnest. Good thinking. Getting stronger by the day. Improving the economy. Improving the investor climate.  Taking the initiative to build non-corrupt industries. Improving the reputation of the Philippines internationally. Building a stronger relationship with the United States and being firm with China. Engaging with other Asian countries. Reducing rice imports. Clamping down on corruption.

    What exactly do you seek in a leader?

    Jesus Christ is not returning to lead the Philippines to Higher Glory.

    Those who criticize President Aquino because he did not fly into an emotional panic and jet to flood-torn Mindanao to wallow in the mud for a photo op want exactly WHAT in your president?

    He delegated to his disaster pros. They have been working hard. He stayed on top of things.

    He should not have gone South so the media could have a photo-op for an easy ratings-boost. He becomes the center of attention wherever he goes. That would be counter-productive in the frantic turmoil of saving lives. Let the media work on being news reporters rather than sensationalists.

    He did not abandon his other responsibilities and even had the kindness to pay his respects to the people who work on his behalf, at their Christmas party. You want him to WHAT exactly, run around like Chicken Little claiming the sky is falling? Or he must become a torn up suffering soul, shrinking back to his house to weep at the tragedy of it all. THAT is what you want for a President?

    Give me a break.

    Philippine disaster preparedness, warnings and recovery are much better today than they were when Ondoy struck and awakened the Philippines. I think it was the sight of that actress Reyes sitting stranded high on her roof that struck terror in the hearts of star-struck Manila. Or maybe it was the ridiculousness of Teodoro running around panic stricken looking for his rubber boats.

    But the weather people mighty quick ran out and got some Dopplers. And warning systems were firmed up. And response protocols were firmed up. It has been a priority of the Aquino administration to do better, and the effort shows.

    Filipinos talk about Filipino Pride, but I don't see much of it when it counts. I see emotionalism and irrationalism and the failure to be proud of the President who is not seeking photo ops, but is seeking to improve the Philippines.

    The critics are the ones who, to me, look silly. Look weak. Look panicky. Look emotionally lost. Look desperate.

    President Aquino looks like a leader, acts like a leader. Gets things done like a leader.

    It's an apple in a crate of oranges, but for my own amusement, I ranked him vs. recent U.S. American presidents on overall capability and results. Here's my assessment:

    1. Bill Clinton
    2. Ronald Reagan
    3. Barak Obama
    4. George Bush, Sr.
    5. Gerald Ford
    6. Jack Kennedy
    7. Noynoy Aquino
    8. Jimmy Carter
    9. Lyndon Johnson
    10. Richard Nixon
    11. Gorge Bush, Jr.

    He could climb even higher if he pursued new laws that cast the Philippine social framework in more modern terms: (a) HR Bill, (2) Divorce, and (3) Fair Employment. But in terms of the economy, international relations, defense, corruption and other important domestic programs . . . he is moving the country forward nicely.

    I'd say toss a little of that usually misguided, overabundant Filipino Pride in his direction and let him get on with good works.


  1. Joe,

    Benign0 is a brilliant man. If he says Noynoy sucks you may want to seriously consider that this is true. Remember, genius is hard to comprehend. Many prodigies were prosecuted/ridiculed during their time until history proved them right long after their deaths (Galileo, Van Gogh, Darwin, etc.).

    Noynoy is a bad president. Why? Because the most brilliant Pinoy blogger says so. Why should I listen to you? Has anyone called you a brilliant man?

    Bening0 is a genius. You are not.

  2. Mr. I, I agree with you on two points. Benigno is extraordinarily intelligent, and I am no genius. If you gave me some reasons, I might even agree with you on Mr. Aquino. I am not closed-minded on the deal. Benigno appears to me to have an agenda, so I don't trust his intelligence on that point. Good of you to stop by and opine.

  3. 1. Bill Clinton - for his handling of the economy, for his communication skills
    2. Ronald Reagan - for his communication skills and ability to lift the spirit of America after the Carter emotional depression years but the economic problems plaguing america today began with him, foreign policy was spotty blemished by Iran-Contra and dirty war in central america
    3. Barak Obama - excellent communicator, inspiring but failed so far to translate mandate to bend obstructionists to his reform agenda
    George Bush, Sr. - could not reverse economic slide that began with reagan, good foreign policy, excellent management of first middle east war
    4. Gerald Ford - failed to leave an impression other then the Nixon pardon
    5. Jack Kennedy - excellent communicator, inspiring, may have taken the first step towards southeast asian quagmire, messed up Cuban invasion, great on the missile crisis, laid the groundwork for LBJ's great society
    6. Jimmy Carter - not inspiring but his support for human rights encouraged people under dictatorships i.e Philippines to continue their struggle
    7. Lyndon Johnson - a true trapo, very strong executive, probably a crook as well but his social and civil rights legislation changed america for the better
    8. Richard Nixon - evil, racist, corrupt, probably a sociopath, but great foreign policy. his opening to china changed the cold war. i still don't know if his decision to take the dollar off the gold standard was right or wrong. he should be credited for the epa etc.
    9. George Bush, Jr. - The only question is when will America recover from his presidency?

  4. Joe,

    Stick around for a couple more years. You're not really seeing anything new.

  5. Nothing to be concerned about, Joe. anti-benign0 are only the minority.

    Public officials are scared. They are just soooo scared that NAIA Immigration Clerks can stop a powerful Ill-fated starred Generals, congressmen, Senators and x-president without consequences.

    But they still have to provide me names of those wang-wangers pulled over by police.

    What benign0 has to contend with are ignorant cabinet members, clueless bureaucrats and other oblivious rats under the cabinet. They know the law but they have to revise and update which powerful, well-connected people have to be protected.

  6. I don't think there is a need of doppler. All they have to do is check NOAA for latest weather update or CNNAsia or Weather dot com.

    Regardless if there was a fair amount of warning, those people by the river and geohazardous area tagged by DENR will never vacate their belongings. They would stay put.

  7. Mr. Ignacio, I am not brilliant nor genius because I am a Filipino. benign0 followed me. He read my posts and comments. benign0 hated those followers that emulate my broken englischtzes. benign0 didn't even know my broken englsichtzes was intentional. benign0 had his hand on his hips and dirty finger wagging and gave me lecture that Lexus plural is Lexuses.

    He banned me. Then put me back on again while others are merely ignored then dishonorably ex-commed. benign0 wrote an article about me which I found amusing for a "brilliant mind" ...

    Since I am not brilliant, and, being followed by a "brilliant" benign0, therefore, benign0 is not brilliant after all ....


  8. "Jesus Christ is not returning to lead the Philippines to Higher Glory".

    Jesus Christ is definitely not coming back to Earth. Jesus Christ is wanted by International Human Rights, International Humane Society, International Court and survivors of Cagayan de Oro waterboarding for CRUEL and UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT.

    Also, for False Advertisement "those who believe in me will live on forever", "ask and you shall receive", "God help those who help themselves" to skewer believers of their hard-earned money so the popes and priests can live in luxury sipping chardonnay in crystal goblets while oggling million-dollar work of arts.

  9. Anon, I suspect you are right. With no change in the social fundamentals - the trade of favors, education that does not inspire, meddling by the Catholic Church, rampant lack of courtesy, and no fair employment law that requires hiring for competency - the foundation stays ineffective. But the stability brought by President Aquino is a step in the right direction, and his

  10. Manuelbuencamino, nice checklist; "spot on". My ranking was influenced as well by:

    Barak Obama: Stopped the global economic collapse, passed health care reform, and dramatically improved the U.S. image abroad.

    Gerald Ford: Stabilized the nation after Nixon.

    Jack Kennedy: Failed to control the FBI. Did too much philandering.

    Lyndon Johnson: Viet Nam is his legacy, unfortunately. Possibly he should be higher on the list.

  11. Mariano, your logic is beyond brilliant. It is impeccable.


  12. Joe,

    Benign0, the most brilliant Pinoy blogger, is writes about Noynoy's deficiencies in his blog. Benign0 does this in his own free time without compensation. This selfless devotion to use his genius to bring out the truth should be honored, not ridiculed.

    Why do you deny the truth Joe? Benign0 presents a detailed case in blog post after blog post.

    And now you accuse him for having a hidden motive? Where is your evidence Joe? Since you claim to be a person of "reason" and intellect, why don't you show us your proof that this brilliant man is not being totally honest with us? Perhaps it is you who has a hidden motive to support Noynoy since you are so intent on tearing down the most brilliant Pinoy blogger with no evidence to back it up whatsoever.

  13. Joe,

    Personally, I think you severely UNDERESTIMATE Noynoy. The ranking should be amended as follows:

    1. George Washington
    2. Thomas Jefferson
    3. Abe Lincoln
    4. Noynoy Aquino
    5. FDR
    6. Harry Truman
    7. Eisenhower
    8. Bill Clinton
    9. Ronald Reagan
    10. Barak Obama
    11. George Bush, Sr.
    12. Gerald Ford
    13. Jack Kennedy
    14. Jimmy Carter
    15. Lyndon Johnson
    16. Richard Nixon
    17. Gorge Bush, Jr.
    18. Herbert Hoover

  14. Mr I, superb questions. I cannot give you statistics or proof that would satisfy you, I'm quite confident. You have BenignO so far up on the proverbial pedestal that that the fall would be too far for you to accept. If you catch my drift. In other words, I question your objectivity just as you question mine. But for myself, I believe the world is made up mostly of gray, not blacks or whites. When I see one color represented so stridently, and the opposite color ignored, I react with a great deal of skepticism. Again, if you give me good arguments you can convince me to hold a different view, but so far you have offered none.

  15. PP, a respectable list. I didn't go that far back in history, but certainly you have recognized some classic US presidents. And I cannot deny that the order you have placed Mr. Aquino in is beyond reach, by the end of his presidency. It is just hard to achieve that standing without country-changing achievements.

  16. Joe,

    Noynoy will change the game. This is the Asian Century and Noynoy will make it the Philippine Century. Watch and be amazed.

  17. Joe,

    I agree with this stability you speak of, but It's akin to sticking kids in front of the TV to keep em "busy"

    All these years, the same old stories repeat itself. The fight between "good" and "evil", the "shocking" expose of the day, the immediate investigation to whatever screw up that caused the lost of lives, the "fight" to protect the country's "honor" and "reputation" ad infinitum.

    All this while the country continues to eat the dust from South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and really soon Vietnam.

    I'd like the country to demand some Competence and Results for change

  18. Proud Pinoy, I totally agree. Next year benign0 will have change the game. The Supreme Court will now have an appeal court to be dispensed in Malacanang. If Malacanang doesn't agree, they'll be impeached and lose all their power, bodyguards and privileges.

    He will also be directing traffic because the traffic enforcers are afraid of the rich, famous, wealthy, powerful and well-connected. He'll be dispensing presidential bribery in lieu of witness accounts against Gloria.

    Anyone appointed, rubbed elbows, associated with, in parties or being a seatmate of Gloria are now tainted no evidence necessary just affidavits done by sidewalk typists across UST.

    Another game changer is America's justice system is outdated. Requirement of evidences by U.S. investigators is antiquated. Philippine justice system is just criminal witness accounts and affidavits notarized by UP-Graduate lawyer down on his luck.

  19. Another game changer is NBI. They are very goot at interrogating suspects that they admit and confess. I heard they bring the suspect to Baclaran church and priest interrogate them. Most interrogations in the Philippines turns into admission and confessions while investigations turns into ghost chase.

  20. And here is another game changer that I want to recommend. This is a brilliant idea that has been tried and very effective. This idea is practiced in Cebu Archdiocese. A priest in the lonely town of Sibonga has had sex with two women at different times in the privacy at the back of the church.

    The archdiocese sent the priest to .... SERIOUSLY THIS HAPPENED ... Sex Rehab (and I thought sex rehab was only in Hollywood) ... Lo and Behold ... the priest was totally absolutely rehabilitated without remission. NO MORE SEX !

    I propose, so there will be no more fight and debate about RHBill, I recommend that 95,000,000 Filipinos should be subjected to SEX REHABILITATION to reduce sexual activity thereby reducing propagation of Filipinos.

  21. Mariano,

    I find your lack of faith in the Pinoy Power disconcerting. But I am told you are like Benign0, someone who heckles Pinoys from the safety and comfort of a foreign land. You must really like it the in California but remember, as Gary Valenciano said "Babalik ka rin. Bababalik and babalik ka riiiin."

    And when you do return to the Philippines as the Western World crumbles, we shall forgive all the bad things you said about our great Pinoy culture. We forgive because we are better men than you.

  22. Proud Pinoy, I take you are ex-communicated by benign0 & Ilda. benign0 WAS one of my army of followers. benign0 stole my comments as his. How benign0 hated what ever I post, Dick Gordon grabs it the following morning. benign0 sent me a private message if I was Dick Gordon ...

    ... by the time the Western World crumbles ... there will be no more Filipinos ... because the Filipinos will have lived in the Western World and it's the Filipinos that made the Western World crumbles ....


  23. Mariano,

    When the western world crumbles, nobody will hold The Filipino down anymore. Finally, the Filipino will SOAR and RISE to be the new super power.

    When this happens, you are more than welcome to re-apply for Philippine citizenship.

  24. "Benign0, the most brilliant Pinoy blogger, is writes about Noynoy's deficiencies in his blog. Benign0 does this in his own free time without compensation."
    ---> How did you know? Do you live in the same house with him?

    "Noynoy is a bad president. Why? Because the most brilliant Pinoy blogger says so."
    ---> So if benign0 tells you to kill yourself, I will presume that you will follow him, no questions asked. This reasoning of yours is no different from those who claim that Noynoy is trustworthy just because the latest SWS survey says so.

  25. Anonymous,

    Both Joe and I agree that benign0 is a brilliant man. Both Joe and I agree that benign0 is the best Pinoy blogger in the world.

    That is why I am perplexed that Joe does not listen to benign0's arguments. How can a not-briliant person (Joe) say that a brilliant person (benign0) is wrong? That is like Kris Aquino criticizing Meryl Streep's acting.

  26. Mr. I, I don't believe Benigno is the best blogger. I agree he is intelligent. He COULD be the best blogger if he had a more constructive purpose and a more compassionate approach. But, I suspect, like so many Filipinos, he views compassion as a weakness.


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