Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays

I'd like to wish my loyal readers the best for the Holiday Season, and beyond. May the good cheer of the Christmas season be bright and warm for you and your loved ones, and may 2012 be such that you look back, a year from now, and say, "my, that was a rich year."

Best wishes.



  1. Let us not lose sight of what exactly we are celebrating. We must not forget that we celebrate this day for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died on the cross for us to save us from our sins.

    I will never stop praying for you Joe. As a Christian it is my mission in life to save people like you.

    God bless.

  2. (Sun*Star-Cebu) "... There will be celebrations, of course, because that is the practice, but this should be tempered by the thought not only of the thousands displaced by the floods but also the 1,080 who perished and the 1,079 still missing. ....

    It is within this context that we celebrate Christmas despite all the trials we are going through: subdued but full of the spirit that has made the ritual worth embracing, more so during rough times. ... "

    The 1,080 who perished and 1,079 missing were THE TRIALS to tell Christians and Catholics (what's the diff) that God has power over them. It was a test of FAITH. God is telling the believers, "I kill, if you lose faith, I kill some more in the most horrendous horrible way until you believe".

    I was not born to be part of the experiment of God nor part of the TRIALS. No way, Pastor. I am not THE TRIAL. The waterboarded are not THE TRIALS.

    TRIALS has been etched in Filipino believers. Typhoon? Well, it's a trial. Earthquake? Well, it's a trial.

    Thank you, Pastor. Keep your prayers to yourself. I am not a guinea pig. Goodness it happened to the believers to be part of THE GREAT TRIAL OF THE YEAR 1,000 killed and counting.


  3. Don't pray for my soul, Pastor. I do not want to go where they are assigned a floating puff of clouds, a uniform of white robe and playing lousy out-of-tune same-song on assigned harp. I want to go where Nicole Richie go because that is where the Viva babes go, too ! Definitely Maui Taylor will be there waiting for the taking.

  4. Common Conversations of Filipinos of God's Mass Destructions and sermons from the priests:

    1. God is testing me, you and all the dead and missing;
    2. It's God's trials testing how tight is mine, yours and all the dead and missing's faiths;
    3. The dead and missing were sinners, God has to eradicate them

    Having said the above, based on actual experience, they do and say the following:

    1. They shut up;
    2. "Ang dios na ang Bahala sa iyo, Mariano";
    3. they'll never say the above usual excuses in front of me before a crowd and start a debate or they'll loose followers;
    4. they'll never say above usual excuses before slightly intelligent non-Filipinos;

  5. "Go out and MULTIPLY" - GOD

    Check the history of algebra. Check timeline when MULTIPLICATION was discovered and they will have solved the riddle when God was created by men.

  6. Mariano,

    Imagine walking upon a river and you see a person drowning. Do you ask him if he needs help? Of course not. You just jump in and prevent him of drowning. It is the right to do. That is your situation now. You are drowning in hate and you risk losing your eternal soul. That is why we Christians are obligated to save people like you. It is the right thing to do. So even if you struggle to pull me down and drown with you, I will not give up and keep on trying to save you.

    If you only knew how much God loves you that he sacrificed his only son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to save us from our sins so that we may enter the kingdom of heaven.

    God loves you Mariano. You should never think otherwise. You are never alone. Open your heart and let the light of the Lord cleanse all your sins and hatred.

    I will pray for you.

    God bless you Mariano.

    Merry Christmas.

  7. PE:

    Prioritize and get busy praying for the locals, the Filipino people and the country and leave Joe to the last.

  8. Joe:

    All the best for you!
    Keep up the good work!

  9. Pastor Ernie,

    Thank you for your prayers.



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