What are the obligations and rights of a non-citizen living in the Philippines? The rights are flimsier than for a citizen, for the citizen has the Constitution behind him. The non-citizen can be shipped out at the whim of someone in power. But the obligations of a non-citizen are not much different than for a citizen. Be respectful of laws and others. Contribute as much as possible to the well-being of the community. 

Therein lies the rub. One of the greatest freedoms available to a free society is the right to speak, for even disagreeable words may have constructive result. I write in anonymity because I can be disagreeable. Sometimes I don't even agree with what I write, but being provocative is the antidote to being complacent. Bottom line, I am very interested in the well-being of the Philippine community. Many, reading my perspectives, will assume otherwise, but that is their limitation, not mine.

I extend the same respect for anonymity to article writers and readers who choose to comment.

Joe America