Joe America

Joe America is a permanent resident in the Philippines with his Filipina wife and culturally ambidextrous son. He arrived in the Philippines in 2005 and lived for a time in Northern Mindanao and Zambales Province on Luzon. His family now lives in the Visayas in a rural rice-growing area.

Joe is a retired banking executive with degrees in Mathematics and Radio and Television Arts. His 30-year working career was based in Los Angeles, California. He's traveled on business or personally to 21 countries.

One of these day's he'll do a biography but right now he doesn't think that is so very important. He'll share some relevant background information in his articles..

This blog is mainly about the Philippines. The author laces his observations with word play and a few statistics. Facts are like termites. They have a job to do in our ecosystem, and Joe will study the little creatures now and then. But he doesn't care to have them infesting his articles. He prefers getting to the meanings of things. It is a part of his cross-cultural discovery adventure.

You, the visitor, bring to this blog what no other person can: your experiences, knowledge and perspectives.


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