Monday, November 29, 2010

True Blue

I caught an interview with Richard Branson, the creative and business genius and free spirit behind Jet Blue airlines and his private space-travel venture, among other undertakings. He argued that it would be foolish if the United States got into any kind of trade battles with emerging nations, especially China, India, and beyond most peoples' radars, Africa. These nations will power the world economy for years to come, so why would you cut yourself out of this unstoppable force?

The logic applies also to the Philippines as the hyper-nationalists continue to shrink in fear from welcoming foreign engagement within the Philippines. The Philippines isolates itself from competition, from investment, and falls further and further behind. Oh, yes, the economy is growing nicely, but it is still a slogging covered wagon, hauled through the muck by karabao, rather than a Jet Blue space ship, which it could be, for its strategic location in the middle of Asia, magnificent scenery, and ample human and physical resources (ore, ports).

I wonder what the nationalists are afraid of. That they will lose the distinction of being native Filipinos?

That and 20 pesos will get you a loaf of bread.

They fear industrial spies will steal all their secrets?


They fear that they won't be able to match the productive power and thinking of more experienced businesspeople?

And that means, what, exactly?

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  1. I love JetBlue. Coast-to-Coast in wide-body A300, legroom to boot. Smiling stewardesses.


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