Sunday, November 21, 2010

Three and Only Three

I enjoy words, the collection of symbols which, if lined up a certain way, create mood or intrigue or paint a picture or explain things. The masters are Charles Dickens and Victor Hugo . . . and many others, too, for sure. Sherlock knew words. And Robin Williams even.

If you were asked to choose the three most profound words in the universe, which three would you choose?

I would select . . . reading, integrity and achievement
  • Reading as a way to nurture the brain and open the entire world to thoughtful exploration.
  • Integrity as a high personal morality apart from external structures such as God, patriotism or love.
  • Achievement as a way to apply direction to our acts during the short time we are gifted with life on this wet and spinning orb.
With these three symbols as an anchor to a lifestyle, I can envision riches beyond gold, behavior of the most brave and giving kind, and progress for the betterment of all.



  1. I don't know about the whole universe, but from the English language I think I'd pick tolerance, compassion, and humor.

  2. Kendra,

    Excellent words, for sure. Tolerance and compassion are underused in the Philippines, I think, as people don't respond well to challenge, and all the pollution and dogs running wild are clear signs that people have little compassion for their neighbors. Humor is here in spades, though, as it is one way that poor people have of getting through a day of misery without going nutso.

  3. "Tolerance" is overused. They tolerate their government officials because they know if they do not tolerate they end up in the gutter.

    They also tolerate their neighbors blasting heart-thumping music. Because if they do not they, again, end up in the gutter.

    They also tolerate the church's sermons, which most of them are just stories not real stories, afraid the next parishioners who tolerate the church's sermons might brand him/her as "irihis".

    Filipinos are extremely tolerant. This has caused the Philippines into poverty.

  4. Yes, tolerance is bad if it means becoming subservient to corrupt, harmful or immoral ideas.


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