Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Brains of Cement

How do you teach or encourage innovation and creativity, the drivers of progressive thoughts and acts? The Catholic Church is locked into the same doctrine as in the 13oo's even though Man has stepped on the moon and crammed a zillion gigabytes into a tiny cube. Great minds explore the reaches of science and creativity and the Church cannot even see the suffering roaring down the pike in terms of too many mouths consuming everything like swarming locusts in the wheat fields. Condom is a dirty word. Starving and riots are fine words, as they assure a big flock of sheep for the priests to herd.

The simple move of a tourist slogan from "Wow Philippines" to "Kay Ganda" brings shrieks of despair from across the land as terror surges at the notion that this change presents risk. My God, folks, it is an advertising slogan. People want to go back to the "Wow", as a baby separated from its blanky.

I won't get into the mandated march for the National Anthem. Talk about fear of someone thinking differently . . .


  1. The church is not to blame. It is the Filipinos. The Filipinos cannot seem to get over this fantasy called God that neglected them for the past 480 years and counting.

    They look at America as ammoral, immoral yet they are giddy to go there. Just cannot understand Filipinos. It is so difficult to understand them. I do not know if they have the capacity to think.

  2. I get your point, although I wish the Church would update doctrine to keep up with scientific discoveries and new concepts of reason.


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