Friday, February 10, 2012

Those Great American Values: Hypocrisy and Lying

I believe in the Republican ideal of small government as long as government is earnest in working to provide essential services for its poorest residents. I believe in the Republican ideal of a free market economy as long as corporations are not putting citizen wealth or safety unduly at risk. I believe in strong states' rights as long as the nation's domestic and foreign security umbrella remains cohesive and strong.

But I do not believe in the outrageous Republican hypocrisy that accepts ethically-challenged Newt Gingrich as a legitimate presidential candidate, or obstructs President Obama's judicial and administrative appointments after having complained for eight years about Democratic obstructionism, or whines about Chrysler's pro-Obama Super Bowl ad whilst rallying around conservative judges on the Supreme Court who ruled, in what former President Carter called the "stupidest" ruling ever by the Supreme Court, that corporations are able to give unlimited amounts of money to political action groups that are not directly associated with a politician's fund raising.

Hypocrisy, in case these blockheads don't realize it, is not one of the great American values.

You see the caliber of Republican dignity and honor in the primary, where even the Party stalwarts cringe in horror at the deceit and name-calling that is being done in the name of "tough campaigning". 

These candidates are giving the Obama campaign an advantage. This proves a very important point: name calling and deceits work in the short term. That's why they do it. The dirtier the slur, the more successful the campaign.

Long term, however, they lose.

And if political advantage replaces goodwill toward citizens as a core value, America loses.

Expediency in place of honor, as far as I know, is not a great American value.

Deceit is not a great American value. I'm reasonably confident of that.

Quotes out of context. News broadcasts out of context. Videos out of context.

That is lying folks, nothing less.

Lying is not a great American value.

Republicans are for America, aren't they? They do put their hands over their hearts when they sing the National Anthem or recite the Pledge of Allegiance, don't they? They are firm in standing up for, or even imposing, American values on other countries, aren't they?

Are they putting on a show when they do this?


Then they should stop trashing the real American values in favor of this garbage.

Republicans are earning the right to be thrown out of office in droves later this year. Especially those freshmen with such high opinions of themselves that they would ruin the country to adhere blindly to an ideological point. They never studied the art of debate, or diplomacy, or compromise in the interest of the greater good? They don't believe honesty and dignity are proper American values? That all citizens, even Democrats, are Americans, "real Americans"? That integrity in America is not a singleness of voice, but the amazing capacity to include all voices?

House Majority Leader Boehner . . . what a piece of work he is. He is the oiliest political man amongst a whole set of greased up creatures. Including Pelosi and Reid. He wants the President of his country to fail. To be seen abroad as weak. He wants the economy to fail, and people to go broke, so he can score political points.

He'd whack his own mother to get a vote.

He is the main reason Americans will vote democratic in 2012 congressional elections. More Americans "get it" than don't. They are not the fools he plays them for.

Conniving is also not a great American value.

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