Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Tsunami of Little Beasts

A tsunami of kids is being birthed in the Philippines, rising through the nation’s schools like unrelenting swarms of hungry piranha mashing toward the job and food markets with mouths open wide and angry teeth flashing, threatening the security of every Filipino. Arrogant priests drive their overpopulated flocks toward the brutal truth, the torment of the real Revelation, that angels cannot protect this massive flood of lives the priests hold up as precious. This is misery on the rise, spawned by an outdated Catholic doctrine formulated by man as God’s will centuries ago when the limits of resources were defined by the limit of man’s productivity. Today the limits of resources are defined by the earth’s inability to support a greedy and violent mass of ravenous beasts.


  1. More Filipinos means more tongs for the Vatican. The priests are tong collectors for the Vatican. They have lifestyle to defend. Vatican's Tong Collectors don't care about hungry children. They care more to replenish their slush funds that were deminished by child molestation settlement without admitting or denying. Los Angeles Archdiocese paid $0.5 BILLION in settlement excluding high-priced lawyers & spinmeisters. Boston Archdiocese paid to the nose. San Diego and Seattle Archdiocese filed for bankruptcy. Bankruptchy judge says, "NO" They paid. Still operation. But Tong Collection is more mean-spirited this time.

  2. Vatican, Priestly Tong Collectors believe, "TRUTH DO NOT YOU FREE BUT A GOOD LAWYER DOES". Archdioceses Lawyers Expense is top secret for Pope eyes only. Lawyers who divulge their fees to the Archdiocese will have their reservation in Heaven downgraded to Hell.

  3. arrogant priest would like to swarm over poor children. they don't help them. they just want them to multiply. they don't do any charitable acts. they aren't doing anything at all to save these poor souls. those selfish arrogant priests!

  4. Oh those poor little angels!...being compared to swarming piranhas!:) they haven't even developed their teeth


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