Friday, March 11, 2011

Irony and Associations

I appreciate the posture of some blog sites to moderate comments. It is their right as publishers.

There is a move afoot to establish an association of bloggers. One of the pushers is represented on a web site "tonyocruz". I offered up a comment on the site and it has been in moderation for over 24 hours.

I suspect that anyone truly interested in the well-being of the blog community would understand the importance of timiliness in the application of "editorial judgment". In other words, I don't see why my comment has been delayed for a day.

This is what I wrote with respect to an association of bloggers and the proposed "manifesto" that tonyocruz is pushing:

"The term manifesto creates images in my mind of a pack of brown clad soldiers with red stars on their caps marching in unison down Roxas Boulevard claiming they are for free speech whilst trying to hammer all the wayward thinkers back into line.

The manifesto itself is not specific and so filled with what we ‘Merkans call “motherhood and apple pie” that I don’t exactly know what the purpose of the organization is, nor the responsibilities, nor the obligations. Am I expected to pony up dues, or is it a free ride? What will we argue for in the legislature? That we be allowed to say anything we damn well please? What, really, are we after? More broadband cable in Manila or better grammar or more Tagalog writers? Seems like a purpose in search of a need . . ."

1 comment:

  1. HA!HA!HA!HA! Poor Joe America. Comment like yours will never see the light of the day !!! HA!HA!HA! You just been ex-communicated !!! ha!ha!ha!ha!
    That is why Filipinos will never revolutionalize in the likes of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain. Philippines will never have Bastille Day.
    Maybe, just maybe, the roots of editorial fascism goes back to the days of Jose Rizal whose two books were alleged to have brought down Spanish Colonizers.


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