Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Photo Rorschach Test

Okay, imaginative Society members. Here is a little Rorschach Test, an examination for you, a little shove into the arena of creative expression. Applied Psychology 101 I suppose.  However, the goal is not to understand YOU, but to get a read-out on how different people - lets call them "subjects" - are viewed through the eyes of imaginative readers. Readers must decide who is represented in a series of photos, and what they are doing.

This should be quick, top of mind.

To such aforesaid subjects, I say, satire is not truth, it is humor, often with a purpose, maybe sharp of stick now and then, and the price of popularity, or engaging with creative people, is an occasional poke.

Please associate a person or persons with each of the images below, and if you can, recite what they are doing. Do your own before reading what other people see in the photos.

As an example, here is my first impression:


ASSOCIATION: My ex-wife's attorney drawing up the divorce agreement.

Aahahaha! Get it?

Or SECOND LOOK: Senator Enrile watches Cayetano approach the podium for another privilege speech.

Hawr hawr hawr!

Okay, your turn. Who do you see and what are they doing? Ten images plus a bonus.

Society of Honor Photo Rorschach Test Number 2013-1













  1. Replies
    1. IMAGE 1, I see Roxas vs Binay mano a mano in 2016 and I'm pretty certain I see IMAGE 7 in my dreams!

      Tony of Seattle

    2. Aha ha ha ha ... Skinny girl. Hmmmm .... Gwen I supose? But on the other hand Gwen has as thick a hide as #4. When Gwen gets mad her lips looks like #10. She scowls like #6. Watchout ... she'll turn to #1 ... with a quick flick of the head she could be a cobra.

  2. I assure you, all top of mind, done without much thinking:

    IMAGE 1: Johnny Lin and Alan Robles dancing their version of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" ha ha ha

    IMAGE 3: Borat! Les Miserables! He was able to get together a Hamas officer and an Israeli to an interview, and he kept asking them why are they fighting over a food product - mashed chickpeas. (hummus, not Hamas!)

    IMAGE 7: If anti-RH forces looked like this, it would have been tough.

    IMAGE 9: Carlos Celdran dressed as Rizal, but barged into a children's party instead.

    BONUS IMAGE: You should get a copy of the latest Rogue interview with him. It will give you insights on why he finds plagiarism a very common and harmless practice- he was doing it from way back, when he was in the recording industry!

  3. @andrew
    make him worthy opponent for your reading pleasure. He is descriptive in all the pictures
    2. Knott-case reasoning anchored in rocks
    3. Non-sense blog kibitzing to famous character
    4. Monstrous silly ideas destined to marshland
    5. Antiquated humor from tunnel vision
    6. Bully at own turf only
    7. Frustrated dreamer of success and beauty
    8. Typical Filipino loser deserving of criticism
    9. Doofus in all angles
    10. kiss ass to partner because of envy to fame
    Bonus: Great Pretender, his lifetime achievement

    Bonus pic #2- middle finger flip---Payback to all he bullied and insulted

    He he he

    Johnny Lin

  4. Aha! ha! ha! That Bonus Image. Is that Van Gogh?

    1. Number 5 of course is our friendly parish priest drawing up settlement agreement insuring victim's spot in heaven as long as they do not tell.

    2. Good shot on the Bonus Image Mariano. I also see it as a pitiful self portrait of Vincent Van Sotto!

  5. Except for the beauteous Sarah Lahbati and the seacreature, all pics remind me of amusing people, mostly pols


  6. 1. Cocks Fighting = Aging Senate President and young senator poised to strike in a battle to the death.

    2. Red Sea Creature = Bombastic lady senator showing her softer side giving tips of pick-up lines for lovelorn sophomores. Also GMA adding illusory vertical height with a beehive hairdo.

    3. Borat = Dim-witted blogger giving the thumbs up, saying everything is alright when it’s not.

    4. Alligator = Well-fed trapo (traditional politician) lazily scanning for his next meal. Looking slightly vice-presidential, don’t you agree?

    5. Rowan Williams = Brain-damaged bishop caught in surprised delight on discovering the sight of a nearby prepubescent lad.

    6. World’s Ugliest Dog = Cebu governess – as she really is beneath the surface - refusing to relinquish her position (bone).

    7. Sarah Lahbati = A lovely Filipina vying in a beauty pageant contest. Also Cebu governess as she sees herself.

    8. Purple Crab = The lovely-hued but unintelligent Filipino voter with a crab mentality waiting to fill both pincers with lucre for his vote.

    9. Funny Clown = Filipino politician singing and dancing, doing anything to win votes. Beneath the paint is Image 4.

    10. Rosy Lipped Batfish = Of course, lady senator staring down the Senate President

    11. Senator = Portrait of a criminally inclined senator seeing disaster in the successful passage of the RH Bill and the unsuccessful implementation of a cybercrime law with one too many insertions.

  7. 1. The Iron Chef , 15 minutes before airtime

    2. A scene from the Tubbataha Reef, circa 2012

    3. Celdran on crack

    4. What certain politicians should see when they look in the mirror

    5. Enrile on LSD, "Gustow kow happy cah!"

    6. What certain politicians actually see when they look in the mirror.

    7. Someone who will probably measure up to me someday... Horizontally.

    8. Maceda, (and that's got nothing to do with the color purple. Wink, wink.)

    9. Jackie Enrile making Dad happy.

    10. Korina, in the mind of a certain maligno.

    11. Someone's idea of a joke.

  8. 1. 20+ servings of adobo.
    2. A red thingy.
    3. High five!
    4. Senate's official Seal.
    5. Pope Benedict's right hand man.
    6. What Alan morphs into when you post a bad joke.
    7. Can I get her number?
    8. What should be our national animal, always pulling down on each other while feasting on rotting flesh.
    9. See bonus image.
    10. Carlos Celdran reincarnated.
    Bonus: See image 6.

  9. 1. The Philippines, fast and furious when ego’s are involved.

    2. The Philippines, not only the sky is blue.

    3. The Philippines, whatever, we smile.

    4. The Philippines represented by a trapo.

    5. The Philippines, whatever, we smile x2.

    6. The Philippines, what dumping waste can do.

    7. The Philippines as I see it.

    8. The Philippines, red handed accepting bribes.

    9. The Philippines, whatever, we smile x3.

    10. The Philippines, eating whatever, also hot Korean food.

    11. The Philippines, entertainment turning dishonest.

  10. What is lacking in Rorschach image is a bespectacled man with a halo over receding hair line in white robe carrying an iPAD tablet bearing ten commandments of honest government employee.


    (Why is it that whenever someone mention government employee what comes to mind are the paper pushers not the cabinet members and decision makers?)

  11. A Ateneo graduate journalist just figured it out YESTERDAY ?

    What if I did not exist ? Who would have told them so ? I AM NOT EVEN A U.P. La Salle and most of all U.P. graduate ?

    BOTTOM LINE IS ... Strong currency without Catsup and Pansit export is reallly BAAAD !!!

    1. What is stirring the Philippine economy are the OFWs, the main export of the Philippines. Their remittances woke up real estate and imported-consumer market. There is very little domestic locally produced consumer goods to talk about. Exports are mainly from EPZA which has close to 100% import components.

      Foreign companies "invest" in the Philippines so they can "profit" and their main goal is to bring their profit back to their home countries including their principal not bulldoze it back to Philippine economy mainly to satisfy their investors stake and stokeholders.

      Philippine economy have little pansit and catsup to produce to tamp down OFW induced strengthening of the peso. Thank gootness Philippines still have limitless supplies of human resource where 32% of their produce, mainly babies, are still in their teens. This is the only natural resources that can be tapped because Filipino bureaucrats would rather protect the environment and indigenous animals over dead children.

      VIVA LA RAZA !!!!!! VIVA MEXICO !!!!

  12. Thank you contributors for maintaining the discussion to give JoeAm a two-day break away from the keyboard. I laughed mightily upon returning this afternoon. There are some classics here. My personal favorites from each are:

    Tony of Seattle: I'm pretty certain I see IMAGE 7 in my dreams! (JoeAm: interestingly enough, so does Angry Maude)

    Mariano: Aha! ha! ha! That Bonus Image. Is that Van Gogh?

    Andrew Lim: IMAGE 1: Johnny Lin and Alan Robles dancing their version of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" ha ha ha

    Johnny Lim: (Re All Being AR) Monstrous silly ideas destined to marshland

    Anon: I also see it as a pitful self portrain of Vincent Van Sotto! (Re Bonus Image)

    Doc B: Except for the beauteous Sara lahbati . . . (Joe Am: I didn't get any further; I googled Image Search)

    Edgar Lores: Red Sea Creature = Bombastic lady senator showing her softer side giving tips of pick-up lines for lovelorn sophomores. Also GMA adding illusory vertical height with a beehive hairdo. (Joe Am: I couldn't express why, but I also associated this with the aforesaid lady senator; the hair maybe)

    Cha: 3. Celdron on crack. (Joe Am: that one put me on the floor for five minutes LMAO)

    Eric: #1, 20+ servings of adobo (JoeAm: now Eric is a guy who "associates" with his stomach)

    Josephivo: 8: The Philippines, red handed accepting bribes

    Anon: #9 Joe America (JoeAm, yes! after giving Get Real a good roast)

    1. Joe

      Image #3 is my favorite because it's the victory sign of reasonable people who knew how to distinguish disrespectful act from good manners.

      Celdran, even his lovers admitted, committed the grievious act inside a church which he could have done better outside. Facts are:
      1. Celdran was convicted of a crime under an existing law. At the moment, he is out on bail until appeals are resolved. Celdran's defenders could attack the law and the prescribed punishment attached to it but what could they do except mumble incessantly about the law.
      2. He had been having problems, probably stress and financial, fighting the charges and now appealing his conviction.His lovers must contribute to hs defense fund.
      3. His headaches remain while the appeal is in progress
      4. Most important,those people who believed he should be punished with his action are already SATISFIED with his initial conviction because hs financial and mental problems dealing with the charges will continue.
      5. If Celdran will be eventually exonerated, SO WHAT! Victory has been achieved with the problems borne by Celdran. Final outcome of the case does not matter anymore! Celdran has suffered financially and mentally, if not morally.

      Picture #3 is very depictive of schadenfreude.
      Funny, you know what is the equivalent word of schadenfreude in Tagalog upon expressing victory sign to the losers, exactly the same pose as in the picture:

      BURAT NYO!
      Borat must be of Filipino blood

      he he he!

      Johnny Lin

    2. Number 3 shall henceforth and ever after be known as the victory sign of the martyr, the cheerful thumbs up signifying "boy was that dumb but I gotta pretend otherwise" as he can no longer back out of his demise. The button has already been pressed.

  13. Joe,

    I suggest you include in the Phil blog center Fr Joel Tabora's wordpress blog. It's the hottest blog these days, mainly due to the two essays he posted, which Rappler carried.

    It's creating shockwaves.


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