Saturday, July 7, 2012

Muslim Mindanao = Hong Kong?

Did you know that the Moro state in Mindanao, once the province of Malaysian sultanates, long ago petitioned the United States to become a territory of America rather than a part of the Philippines?

I did not.

This and other fascinating tidbits of history are included in two MUST READ articles published on this past week.

If you have a hard time with the notion of autonomy for Muslim Mindanao, as I have had, think about the region as a separately governed entity like Hong Kong is to China. It does not leave the Philippines. It is, however, for the most part, a master of its own ways.

Here are links to the two superb articles by Ed Lingao, Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism:


  1. From: Island Jim-e

    1. As a "transplant" (aka: alien to the islands) I have to disqualify myself
    from making any specific/relevant observations
    except for the following:

    2. Blood shed is not a efficient way to settle
    any dispute. There are other procutive
    avenues to produce successful outcomes...shame
    on any peoples who think otherwise!

    3. A cost benefit analysis purblished in the
    national media and in the churches and in
    the "halls of education"...would be benefitical
    so as to provide equity and as a bassis for
    future solutions. (my guess is that a few
    rich developers/families are the only elements
    benefiting from maintaing the status quo)...!

    4. I will now proceed to wash my mouth
    with a nice cold bottle of "bsnna stuff" as
    soap does not agree with me!

    Note: Observation, a cold shower of
    "education" can producee wonderful results
    when a bottle of "sanmig" is not available!


    1. Yes, it is out of our hands as "guests" here. Still, it is a welcome event, if it comes to pass, to find peace and harmony. I'd feel more secure, for the easing of some of the tension hereabouts.

  2. thanks for sharing these. i must confess, when i read media and mindanao, i dont know what the point of it was. What exactly are they refering to about the coverage of moa? what was inaccurate?

    1. You are most welcome. I've been in the same boat as you, a little fuzzy about things. That's why these articles were great. They hit all the pertinent points.


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