Friday, March 9, 2012

Stupidity is Unpatriotic

In my prior blog, I cited four ways the Philippines is different than the U.S., and suggested that the nation needs a social agenda as much as it needs an economic agenda.

Going on an anti-corruption binge is not a social agenda.

Here is Joe Am's social agenda:

  1. Declare stupid behavior to be unpatriotic. Stupid behavior is any behavior that is thoughtless as to its impact on other people. It undermines the Philippines like a bazillion little treasonous acts. Unpatriotic behavior: (a) tossing trash and spoiling the beauty of our land, driving tourists away, (b) playing loud music late on a week night when kids have to get up the next morning to learn how to build a better Philippines; they can't do it is they are sleeping at their desk, (c) overfishing thereby stealing meat from people who are responsible enough to recognize that resources need to be managed, not eaten to the bone, (d) letting dogs roam about killing motorcyclists and infecting the neighbor kids with fleas and rabies, (e) having more than four kids and adding to the unbearable flood of hungry, greedy, demanding mouths infesting the land, (f) driving rudely and putting good people in the hospital, (g) taking under-the-table payments and thereby establishing that the Philippines is an out-of-control nation of criminals, and (h) countless other stupidities.

  1. Declare that the primary purpose of schools is to teach Filipino kids how to compete in the global arena for brains. They can't do this packed 45 to a classroom, without computers, with low self-esteem, relying on authoritarian rote-learning of subjects taught in 1952. They need to learn the sciences of personal development and good civic behavior. And the meaning of strong self esteem, honor, courage, principled living, responsibility, sacrifice and courtesy. They need to learn that associative pride is a crutch for the weak. They need to be able to THINK in the best interest of the COMMUNITY instead of their piss-ant selves. That is what patriotism means, folks! Then the kids can up-stream their lessons to those crusty, macho, uninspired fathers and unimaginative, undisciplined birthing machine mothers.

  1. Declare that hiring anyone on any basis but competence undermines national security as effectively as IED's in the workplace. This nation needs competence and productivity, not a horrid godawful mosh pit of favor and lack of care and poor thinking and lousy results.

That will get you started just fine.

Only three things to do.

  1. Reject stupid behavior
  2. Get the kids competitive
  3. Hire for competence

Think you can handle that?

Yeah. Yeah. Probably not. I'm sure you have your excuses and people to blame.

Never mind that denying responsibility is the number one gross stupidity in the world. 


  1. Yeah and pigs can fly.

  2. Give them a million years and the pigs might add wings.