Saturday, November 5, 2011

There are those who do, and those who do . . . nothing

10 reasons why you should refer The Society of Honor, or an article you liked, to people you know:

  1. Because Joe Am doesn't try to blow smoke. He is on a mission to understand and opine and grow and contribute to the pool of thinking in the Philippines.

  1. Because he is the Anti-Anti Pinoy, more interested in building up than tearing down.

  1. Because Get Real Post yanked JoeAm from their favorite reads list because he had the audacity to offer up some critical comments. Override those smug, vindictive twits.

  1. Because JoeAm's readership includes intelligent people, for dullards don't get it, and those who are traditionalists reject it. "It" being fresh concepts and constructs and practical suggestions.

  1. Because JoeAm comes at issues from an angle and will make readers think deeper than face value.

  1. Because commenters can convince JoeAm that he is wrong if they make a good argument. He is not in it to win it, over you.

  1. Because you can make JoeAm smile as his readership stats climb.

  1. Because JoeAm is strange and occasionally humorous. Help your friends stretch their brains, too.

  1. Because people can verbally kick an American now and then. I'm told it feels good.

  1. Because nothing happens if you don't do something. Rouse some rabble, baby!


  1. Bravo for standing up to those Anti-Pinoy/Get Real Bullies. You exposed them for being a bunch of arrogant fakes who are incapable of taking criticism. Have they ever admitted to the merits of an opposing opinion? Ever? No, of course not. I wonder why!!! Are they so smart? So perfect? No, of course not. They are just a bunch of nobodies with no real power so they resort to being masters of the universe in their little make believe world.

    Most Pro-Pinoys do not hind behind false aliases. Look at our profiles and you will see real names with real faces. We do this because we genuinely want to BUILD while the Anti-Pinoys do nothing but tear down.

    You are a wise man Joe. That is why we read your site.

  2. Pro Pinoy. Thank you. Age gives perspective, heh. But I am still learning, and appreciate the give and take with people who visit this site.

  3. "more interested in building up than tearing down"

    Wow, you got me thinking there Joe. Those Anti-Pinoys indeed do nothing but tear down.

    Tearing down is easy. Building is hard.

    I side with the builders. I side with you.

  4. Anon, well excellent. I trust you will also speak up when you disagree with me, too, so we can exercise our cranial content a bit. And I don't mind if you peddle my site about to those who appreciate exercise, and building, too.

  5. Number 6 gets me. Too much of life today is adversarial. Survival of the fittest. There are only two views: mine and the wrong view. Politicians are in it to win it with only a few notable exceptions. Even in British-based law systems as we have in Australia, the courts find a winner rather than the truth. The adversarial model is frustrating, exhausting, and doesn’t move us forward.

    That’s why I keep coming back to your blog. You and your readers enjoy an exchange of ideas about one of the most intriguing places on earth: the Philippines.

  6. i went to grpshorts to comment on B0s latest. he said, on anonymity:

    "I started publishing my thoughts because I consider myself someone who is still searching for the truth. While doing so, I want others to join me without feeling the need to ask who am I and what qualifications do I have in writing my articles."

    so he is searching for the truth, and yet proclaims his opinions as if they were gospel truth.

    can't have it both ways, B0.

    also, when i asked him about it, he deleted my question twice. what a way to demonstrate that he "wants others to join him".

    i never, ever ask about qualifications. in this he and i agree. but i do want to know the basis of what people say. i have no problems with opinions, as long as they have SOME basis for it. and the more "controversial" opinions require more solid basis.

  7. GabbyD,

    Benign0 is an hypocrite. He is not an Anti-Pinoy. His arrogance, pride, and dishonesty shows that he is the WORST KIND OF PINOY. I have more respect for Reynz, who at least is honest about his flaws.

  8. Greg, you know, that is true about the Philippines being one of the most intriguing places on earth. I don't think I've read that anywhere before. It certainly provides ample subject matter for blogging.

  9. GabbyD, Benigno is an enigma to me. I can't figure out how so much brain can be so self contained. But it was Ilda who drove me from the Get Real site, for I learned from Benigno. But Ilda drove me nuts with her slyness and innuendo and insult.

  10. exactly joe.

    if someone insults, and keep dropping innuendoes against you, then there had better be something behind it right?

    i'm pretty sure she didnt support anything she said.

    THAT is what i'm fighting against.

  11. Ilda is the ultimate "know-it-all". She seems to have an answer for everything and she never give an inch to you on any argument. I pity the men in her life (if she can keep them).

  12. Hi, Joe.

    I enjoy reading the blogs, like yours (sipsip) and the rest of the blogs you mentioned, because I want to see how other people think about certain issues.


    I didn't realize that there is so much intrigue in the universe of bloggers. I thought the world of bloggers you moved in was immune to something that resembles entertainment chismis (gossip).

    Are bloggers becoming too self-important? I've always regarded that blogs and social networks are just fun tools for narcissists. Things start go nasty once people start to take themselves too seriously. =P

    You have to be well-placed to make things happen in this country. What's the penetration rate of computers and the internet in the Philippines anyway? Those internet cafes you see down the road are mainly for network games and Facebook. I mean, do bloggers even hold meetings with followers? Are there even "projects" started by bloggers?

    Do most bloggers really believe that their tweets/ opinion posts read and re-read by the same thousands followers are translating into a tidal wave of action that is more than just a tidal wave of clicks on a LIKE button?

    For what it's worth, expressing oneself on the net is a sure way to just let it all hang out with no accountability and no fear of reprisal. (exceptions are the bloggers of Mexico slugging it out with a drug cartel).

    Here's a question: So, how do bloggers put their money where their mouths are?

    Sorry for the long comment, Joe.


  13. GabbyD, Fight on! I do admire your relentless pursuit of factual foundation for arguments, even if I occasionally bristle at it when put under your spotlight. Maybe I won't now that I understand better where you are coming from. Please also understand that fiction sometimes has a role in thinking.

  14. Brianitus,

    Some bloggers do put their money were their mouths are. Manolo Quezon, for example, mobilized the blogosphere to save thousands of people during typhoon Ondoy. Cocoy, an entrepreneur, frequenly meets with like minded businessmen and God Fearing Christians to promote and organize projects to serve the community.

    And then you have the useless Get Real Crowd of Benign0, Ilda, and BenK (who am I told by Pro-Pinoys may be also Benign0). These bozos do nothing but spread hate and fear. Have they actually organized a project to help their fellow man? I am sure they will use their wonderful brains to argue that the needs of physical reality is not really necessary. They are indeed only willing to operate in an imaginary/mental reality. But their greatest fault, in my humble opinion, is that they mock our all powerful and loving God and the teachings of Christ.

    God loves us so much that he sacrificed his only son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to save us from our sins so that we may enter the kingdom of heaven. And yet the Get Real crowd continues to deny this great act of love and courage.

    That is why I ask that we pray for them. Christ did not die on the cross so that we may hate people who stray from the Truth. We must love and forgive them.

    God Bless.

  15. Brianitus, my aren't we probing today. You having a busy Sunday at the keyboard?

    I don't think there is any rule for the subject material for a blogger. No limits except the brain. And I think it is surely one-part Ego. But I think it fulfills an important roll, and profound and influential thinkers can influence government, as well as enlighten and amuse readers for their individual growth.

    There is a blogging association in the Philippines (Google "Blog Awards" perhaps). I wanted to enter their competition but one of the requirements is Philippine citizenship. There are also other local blogging associations. Mindanao, wherever.

    The one site I am aware of that unites words with actions is Actually, it has become much more than a blog. Women's rights are a key issue with them. Link:

    I think every blogger envisions himself somehow finding a path to profound influence. Not many do.

  16. @Pastor Ernie:

    Honestly, I do not like the practice of quoting scripture and dragging God into human arguments. God expects us to solve our problems by using the gifts He gave us. That's what I believe in. Otherwise, He wouldn't have given us brains to use. No offense intended.

    I believe that if one reads opinions, one should be cautious enough to know which ideas to accept or not. What's gospel truth for some may be today's joke of the day for me.


  17. Hi, Joe!

    Not really a busy Sunday. It's a very slow Sunday, blog-wise. Been more active in the kitchen today.

    Probing? Not really. Just curious about how things are in the blogging world of opinion writers. =)

    I think there should be an experiment or study conducted on how social media affects governance. I think that gov't keeps tabs on social media just for PR management. I don't think policy will come out of the exercise.

    Proof? There's still no FOI even if the online noise is there. The same goes for RH.

    As long as people are given a way to vent online, gov't is safe, imho.

  18. Brianitus,

    Its either you believe the Bible or you do not. You cannot believe in it only when you are in Church or in a really bad situation and start praying to God. Scripture is the road map, the shining light in this world of darkness so that lost souls may find their way to the Lord.

    I am concerned that you take Scripture so lightly. Do you not appreciate the fact that Jesus died on the cross to save you from your sins so that you may enter the kingdom of heaven?

    Faith is something you can't turn on and off depending on the situation. You have faith or you do not. Don't just talk the talk. You have to walk the walk.

    I will pray for you.

    God Bless.

  19. Pastor Ernie,

    You misunderstood my statement. I just don't believe that we should drag God into human arguments, which I consider as too "mababaw." Most of the mess we are in are caused by us, anyway.

    Thanks for the prayer. Honestly, you need not worry about me. =)

  20. Brianitus, you may be right, but I suspect there are other headier forces at work delaying passage of socially aware legislation than bloggers. Bloggers can't offset the forces at work to stay the same, led by the Catholic Church (Divorce, Health and Reproduction), government officials who fear putting their information out there (FOI), and other vested interests. But the Philippines will be pouring online users into the poll booths over the future years. The critical mass of people reading and writing blogs will increase. Broader reach, heavier weight behind the leading bloggers. We'll see more internet-informed opinion leaders who can even reach the labor classes who today aren't influenced by blogs.

    Even if you are right, the cat is out of the bag, so we ought to do what is necessary to make an impact. Associate, collaborate, write, write, write.

  21. Joe,

    Thanks for adding the church and politicians as counter-forces. Given that online and offline vents for dissatisfaction are available, they (church and pols) are very strong forces to keep everyone wanting change at bay.

    I guess the next trick is how to make those thousands of Facebook/Twitter pseudo-activists into real activists.

  22. Joe, I can't blame you for hating Ilda. She's an idiot pretendeing to be a "know-it-all." She praised the video "AQUINO COJUANGCO: FACTS THEY DONT WANT YOU TO KNOW HD" for "good storytelling" (these are her exact words). Duh? And since when did half-truths and conspiracy theories (backmasking and logo hocus-pocus) become "good storytelling"?

    Given her attitude, I wonder how did B0 remain married to her (yes, they are a married couple in real life). Oh well, birds of the same feather flock together.

    P.S. By the way, I would like to express my admiration to you for your courage to stand up against the GRP and the AP bozos. Keep it up!

  23. Anon, I always wondered about the relationship. I noticed at the time that they were protective of one another.

  24. That explains why Kritz is also very protective of Ilda. Because Manny tells me that Kritz is actually Benign0.

  25. @ Joe: Well, now you know why B0 and Ilda are very protective of each other. I'm not joking - they really are a married couple. Seriously.

    @ anonymous: B0 and Mr. Kritz are DIFFERENT individuals (seriously, I'm not joking). It's just that sometimes, B0 uses Mr. Kritz's username when commenting in his blog. Some observant readers notice B0's writing style, hence, concluding that he and Mr. Kritz are the same person.


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