Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rioting for Peace

It seems the entire world is angry.

  • Greeks protest government spending cutbacks aimed at saving the country; the masses would have their nation fail rather than pay more taxes.

  • Tunisians, Egyptians,  Libyans, Syrians, Jordanians, Bahrainians, Iranians, Yeminis, Israelis, and Palestinians protest the authorities who are suffocating their liberty; most are likely to emerge as an intolerant Islamic society; the US backs the democratic movements, neatly snipping off Uncle Sam's nose to spite his face.

  • Chileans riot in the streets because of perceived economic unfairness; never mind that their nation has done more during the last 30 than any other South American country to move from underdeveloped to modern.

  • Americans guzzle their ideological tea or rumble through Wall Street protesting the institutions of (1) national government and (2) big business; never mind that it is the government that keeps them free and the corporations that keep them wealthy.

My personal view is that modern media, and especially the internet, are rather like the coal shoveler on an old steam engine, jamming shovel after shovel of angst into the hoppers of indignation.

Even on the floor of the US Senate and House we see a kind of venom that is best left with gangsters and malcontents. The personalization of debate ("President Obama is a force of destruction") supplants discussion of issues. It is as if the juvenile chat community has moved lock, stock and barrel into the public service arena. Or else people have lost the ability to be analytical, diplomatic and factually or intellectually forceful. Too much TV watching, I'm sure. Turns the brain to mush.

Two Pit Bulls
We are emotional beings and we are rational beings. Some cultures such as Asian and Middle Eastern lands are tilted toward emotional reactions to problems. Western Europe and America tilt more toward introspection and analysis. The Philippines dances around.

None is capable of coming to grips with the seeds of unrest that are spreading like a flesh eating virus across the blue orb.

I'm not sure where we are headed. Perhaps into collapse of the Western economic model and the rise of China as the dominant economic power in the world. Failing free markets are likely to open the doors to China's saving purchase of their failing institutions.

I can imagine the scenario. Greece continues to struggle. China buys Greek bonds and failing European banks. Greece fails. China demands restitution from the EU. China owns Greece. China owns banks. China requires that Mandarin be the official language of Greece. China buys Italy. China buys Germany. China flips off the United States and moves aggressively into resource rich South America.

"Oh, you say they are already there?"

Oops. My bad.

When God gave out heroes, America thought he said Neros and asked for  300 million fiddles.

I will go onto later today, not to buy a Kindle Fire, but to buy "Mandarin for Dummies".


  1. * I see Greek protests the same way I see US welfare parasites demanding their "fair share" and the redistribution of wealth. Screw Greece

    * Tunisians, Egyptians, Libyans, Syrians, Jordanians, Bahrainians, Iranians, Yeminis, Israelis, Palestinians and Chileans: Yawn, screw them all

    * The US had the pacifist yellow bellied cowards during WW2, the Jane Fonda Commie bastards during your day, and today we have anti everything liberal faggots. Really nothing new in my opinion.

  2. Anon,

    Is there a way you can attach a (fake) name to your comments so that I can get a "trend" on your various reactions to my articles? Call it developing intellectual equity on your part.

    From the above note, I deduce that you are conservative and see the anti- Obama mantra of the US Republican party as enlightened.

    I remember the Fonda brouhaha from my days of dedicated service in the army in Viet Nam and again that special day when I earned my FBI file in Los Angeles for attending a protest rally featuring Kunstler, Rubin and Hayden. Subsequent to that I became a dedicated conservative corporate man and have since resisted being put into any box by any one.

    Ha ha. And after all that, I can see your point . . .

    Free Huey Newton! Too.

  3. Joe,

    I'm the same guy that usually post as "Winky", and I think I used PTT once. You should be able to look up your guests IP addresses, maybe my location can place some insight on where I'm coming from.

    I don't classify myself as conservative, but my voting record does lean towards the Republican side, and I vote with my wallet. Except for Clinton gun laws, I had no issues with the Clinton Administration.

  4. Ah, okay Winky. I'll try the IP route and advance my technical prowess whilst doing so. My voting leans toward the Democratic side, and I vote with my brain. haha. (which is tied directly to my wallet). I had no real issues with Ronald Reagan or George Bush, Sr.

    Good to meet you.


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