Saturday, September 24, 2011

Is Barak Obama Delusional?

I enjoy the collective brainpower of blog-writers and those who offer comments to the posts. In the economic arena,  the writings of Doy Santos ("The Cusp") on Pro-Pinoy and J_ag always provide interesting perspectives.

J_ag offered up a comment the other day that made me laugh. It was something on the order of "Barak Obama is delusional . . ."

Now, I personally like President Obama. I also like J_ag's bluntspeak. And I even know what he is talking about half the time, and mostly he seems to make sense . . . but . . .

I think President Obama is the most diplomatic, classiest president the US has had in a long, long time. He is no cowboy shooting from the hip like George Bush. He has family values unlike Bill Clinton. He can give a speech, unlike George Bush, Senior. He is no crook, he doesn't stumble coming down airplane steps, he doesn't walk about with pen holder in his shirt pocket, and he doesn't sleep during Cabinet meetings. His accomplishments are remarkable: stopping a panicked meltdown of the global economy on the strength of his charisma and some bold decisions by his financial people, remodeling the health care system where so many presidents tried and failed, methodically extracting the US from Iraq and Afghanistan, killing the world's chief terrorist and many top-level Islamic murderers, rebuilding America's reputation internationally, and developing a successful new model of international policy, leading from behind the scenes, as was done in Libya.

Yet, at home in the US, citizens are seeing something entirely different. Indeed, if you look at President Obama through the eyes of a Tea Party reactionary, for example, he is obsessed about things that don't matter:  caring about the disenfranchised (the sick, the poor, the retired), for instance. Tea people are against his using "my tax money" to support those beggars.

If you look at President Obama through the eyes of an unemployed worker, he is an outrageous failure. He has not provided jobs.

Being a failure at making jobs appear clearly defines him as delusional.

The non-delusional view, of course,
Is that he was supposed to be the second coming of Jesus Christ,
Wine from water
Bread from heaven
Jobs from deficit reductions.

That is the non-delusional view. To hold that our leaders are miracle workers because they are supposed to LIVE UP TO OUR HOPES AND DREAMS and surpass man's limits.


Who's the real delusional party in that debate?

I do think President Obama has made a few key mistakes during his term. The biggest was to accept responsibility for the economy's collapse in late 2008. The meltdown occurred before he took over and it ripped trillions of dollars of wealth from consumers in collapsed home equity values and collapsed stock investment values. He should have left that albatross hanging around Republican necks while claiming responsibility for having saved the world from economic destruction.

He could ride that thoroughbred all the way to 2012.

But right now his donkey is bucking. And it is bucking because he claimed responsibility for correcting the economic collapse. That will take 10 years but he in effect promised he would correct it during his first term.

Big mistake.

If the Republicans could field a capable person as a candidate, they could take the White House.

But they field lunatics far beyond delusional. I look at the cast of characters and laugh. Just laugh. THIS is the cream of the Republican crop?

Two preening stuffed shirt religious nuts, a failed congressional leader, weird Ron Paul, a wild-eyed woman spouting platitudes, and a couple of people along for the ride. And please, please let Sarah Palin join the fray. She is the icing on the cake, the mayo on the hero, the froth on the cerbeza, the up of the chuck.

It is proving most entertaining, this Republican primary, like 30 red-haired clowns at the circus popping out at center ring from a blue and yellow Cooper-Mini. They do their somersaults and slapstick routine and pretend they are the real Jesus. But they are not. They are Brian, as in "The Life of Brian".

Sarah Palin within reach of the nuke button? Dull minded Perry in charge of international relations?

Give me a break.

I'll vote for delusional Barak Obama for another term. So will most Americans, I think, when they reflect on what it would be like under a knee jerk, dull witted, erratic president full of populist slogans and a lot of hot wind where reflection, candor and thoughtful action should instead reside.


  1. Elenin alignment from Sept 26-28 will cause global catastrophe. All bets are off Joe. I hope you had a good life. I did :)

  2. Anon, a very good life, thanks. See you in the next dimension.

  3. Herman Cain just beat Perry in the FL Straw Poll. Why is this exciting? If you don't know, Herman Cain is black. But unlike Obama, who was raised and supported by his rich white family, Cain came from a more humble background (mother was cleaner and father was a janitor) and is 100% African American.

    So imagine, if you will, a black vs. black candidacy for the white house. I can't believe that its been only 50 years when black people had to use a different restroom in the south.

  4. Expat, I don't know Mr. Cain at all, but will study up. That would be a fascinating election, eh? And you are right. The US has come a long way since MLK was considered an enemy of certain departments of the government.

  5. Obama is doomed unless he took advice from his recent tete-a-tete with benign0. Both seem to have several things in common, oops !, No, nothing in common, the other is just copying the other.

    benign0-the-Turd copies the "change" from Obama which is good. Both run on honesty. Both are lame ducks, benign0 is the only competent person to command a traffic enforcer to issue ticket to media's camera van driving the wrong way which the ticket issuance garnered a splash in the front pages because traffic enforcer has no power at all to issue tickets to wang-wangers, media and the powerful.

    Traffic enforcer is safe for now, until he issues another ticket of a powerful wrong way driver without being told by benign0.

    benign0 appointee Bureau of Customs Alvarez only worked when benign0 had him kicked-out which is rather too late and the charges against accused "smuggler" wouldn't even hold water.

    Biazon, Alvarez replacement, was instructed by his underlings to look for the JANITOR for a copy for the hold order ... de Lima instructed to Abalos to prepare for his defense instead of making his defense in public which de Lima's bosses are making trial-by-publicity and not telling them to stop it.

  6. Whereas, Obama, is buffeted by the economy left in shambles by the Bushes and Republicans. From Clinton's surplus to Republican's trillions in debts and these same Republicans wanted to derail Obama's increase of debt ceiling by cutting spending. By cutting spending, there will be more unemployed and its accompanying ripples.

  7. Obama should take cues from benign0. Within 6 months benign0 sat in Malacanang he claimed the 7.5% debt-induce increase in GNP not crediting Gloria. Later, when stats dropped on his desk of ballooning debt benign0 blames Gloria. Oil increased, blame Gloria. Oil decreased, take credit. GNP dropped to 4.25% blame Gloria's corruption.

    All of the above Obama never did.

    Obama cannot fool the Americans if he did a benign0 BUT benign0 can fool the Filipinos all the time thru the irresponsible Philippine Media.

    Obama is in need of a good spinmeister. Trying benign0's way may work wonders. Presidential election is just several pages away in the calendar. Obama better act now or he'll be lump along with Carter.

  8. "Obama is in need of a good spinmeister."

    I think Obama has lined them up but is holding back until the campaign gets rolling and he knows who to use attack barbs against. Combine his fine oratory skill with a pile of anger (you think he likes being diplomatic as Boehner and the Tea drinkers dig, dig, dig at him?) and some skilled attack rhetoric and it looks like it will be a fun election scrimmage and a win for Obama.


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