Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Spirits

Well, I see I managed to pen one whole blog during the month of December. This is attributed to two reasons. One, the wife and I are building a house and spend most of the day fretting over the alignment of the columns or other somesuch. I am the plumber, as we declined to accept the ripoff bids from the local thieves, the most laughable of which was P70,000 for the labor. Heck, gluing big plastic pipes together is easy for someone who spent his younger days gluing little model tanks and airplanes together. It is rather like playing with Legos, or TinkerToys or Lincoln Logs.

The second reason is that my cell-phone modem blew out so I must trundle down to the internet cafe to go on line, and write from the top of my head, rather than compose thoughtfully and paste. As there often is nothing in the top of my head, that is what I write.

Nevertheless, I wish y'all a very happy Christmas and a very merry 2011. Cheers!


  1. mr. joe america, would you mind providing me an email address where I can contact you, I agree with some of the posts you have here and would like to collaborate with you

  2. Sure, bj. You can e-mail me at


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